Espadrilles have become a trend and I'm sure you've been captivated by them too. They are the perfect choice for your spring and summer looks and the variety of models available is increasing. You can wear them on special occasions and in your everyday life. Plain tones, prints or ethnic motifs are some of the options when choosing the espadrilles that suit your style.

They are not a novelty, for centuries these shoes have been manufactured and used in for their adaptability and comfort. The espadrilles will give a personal and different touch to your daily looks, and you decide how. Classic models with skinny jeans ensure comfort for both boys and girls, while our Olindas in a filmy dress will add a different touch. Tied over your jeans will help you reflect your style in the most personal way. Pitusas is a brand designed to reach people like you, so that every season you wear special and different espadrilles, reflecting what you want to transmit.

Espadrille is the French word for the traditional espadrille. They have become a fashion reference thanks to their appearance in films and to being worn by celebrities, fashion bloggers and influencers.

These espadrilles have become one of the reference shoes during warm months and Pitusas appears to bring you closer to them and make you wear quality handmade trend.

We create our designs following fashion trends and taking the greatest care with each one. Each Pitusas model has a part of us in which we want to reflect the simplicity and elegance that will add a chic touch to our summer looks, in Pitusas for Women, Pitusas for Boys and Pitusas Kids.

The espadrilles can't be missing from your wardrobe just as they are not missing from the fashion references. In our social networks we will show you each new design of Pitusas and you will be able to know before anybody else draws, punctual offers and all kind of novelties. We love to see our Pitusas around the world, so we encourage you to upload your photo mentioning us and to be part of this great little family.

To make it even easier for you to have our Pitusas, we offer you the possibility of buying espadrilles online. You will have all the facilities to get the complement that your looks need.

Buying espadrilles online will not be a problem when it comes to sizes. At Pitusas we take care of changes and returns, because your satisfaction comes first and we want you to look as satisfied with our products as we are. In each model you will be able to see how they fit so that you can choose the perfect model for you.

Enjoy your espadrilles as much as we do with every new design, always with the great affection and illusion trying to reach more and more people who live their summer with Pitusas.



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