Women Espadrilles


Espadrilles are the shoe you need to add a chic touch to a classic look, to make a difference and stand by your style. They are trend, and are here to stay. In Pitusas we are loyal defenders of espadrilles in many various looks, this is why we offer you different women´s espadrilles, to wear the best style all year long.

Espadrilles shoes are not a novelty. They began to be used at least in 1322. Until today we have continued renewing designs and choosing this footwear to complete our outfits. Why is this? Because every espadrille collects in one shoe comfort, style, design and adaptability. They are the solution to show an elegant style without giving up comfort in every look. Completing your style with woman´s espadrilles makes you show personality in every outfit.

Espadrilles join together craftwork, modernity and tradition in a unique design. This makes it easy for it to become one of the most widely used type of footwear at many events. The existing designs of women's espadrilles are very various, which makes you find different options for every occasion. Pitusas offers you a wide variety of espadrilles, and we work every day to adapt to you, to what you like, and to be able to create that model that makes you fall in love as much as each espadrille makes us fall in love.

Which women´s espadrilles are you favourite?

We find a wide variety when girls and women choose women's espadrilles. Some indicate “I opt for the platform espadrilles”, “My favourite are the espadrilles with shoelaces”, “For me the best ones are espadrilles with wedge heel”, therefore, Pitusas offers a variety of designs so that each of you can find the perfect espadrille.

Every year we create new models, putting in a little bit of ourselves. Each new design is made with attention to detail, taking care of the quality of materials and offering current models. New trends and colours are reflected in women's espadrilles we offer you in each new collection. Futhermore, we also count on you when it comes to making a new design. We take your preferences into account and consult you when making many decisions.

Women´s Pitusas

Pitusas was born out of the passion for espadrilles of its creators, out of a desire to share new designs for women's espadrilles with the rest of the world. Women's espadrilles that used to wander their imagination and have now become a reality. That is why Pitusas for women line offers the greatest variety of styles and designs today.

Women's espadrilles are a must in your wardrobe. They can be combined with everything: you can wear them with dresses, jeans of all kinds, and combine them according to your taste.

We create basic espadrilles, with prints, smooth and tied at the ankle. All with special handmade designs made in Spain, so that you can choose the one that suits you and your style.

Innovation will be constant in our designs because we want you to wear espadrille you are proud of wearing, adapt to the trends and satisfy the highest quality in every detail. Furthermore, if you are a shoe lover like us, you will love to be able to enjoy varied women's espadrilles to combine all your looks during summer days.

In addition to our continuity collections we create exclusive limited models, those that will only be available for a while and then we will stop producing. Therefore, if you are looking for quality espadrilles with an exclusive design, our limited Pitusas are perfect for you. You can find much more about them, about offers and news related to women's espadrilles on our social networks and through our Newsletter. Enjoy your espadrilles and show them to the world. Share them on social networks!

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