Man´s Espadrilles


If you have come this far, is because you also love espadrilles, because you know that they can become the perfect complement to give your look the touch it needs to show personality and style.

Espadrilles are canvas shoes with a sole made of esparto, hemp or any other natural fibre. Espadrilles are a comfortable shoe that secure the foot by simple adjustment, making removing and putting them on a simple and quick process. Besides, you decide how to wear your espadrilles according to your style.

Leave trainers aside, espadrilles have come to stay and make a difference in men's fashion.

If you also dare to mark your personality in your daily style, find the men's espadrilles that offer you more comfort in your daily life.

Pitusas began by creating espadrilles only for women, different collections designed to add a chic touch to girls' outfits. Soon we started receiving requests from boys, we began to see that men wanted to wear our designs too and we created the men's espadrille line. Since then, we have expanded the designs of men's espadrilles available by offering you a wide variety of designs and making you also want to enjoy different options when buying your men's espadrilles.

You can find different models of men's espadrilles designed with various styles. We offer espadrilles with laces, espadrilles without laces, plain, printed, with a variety of colours and different creations for each moment that will add a unique touch to each design. This way, you can choose Pitusas for each occasion, or select ones that can be combined with everything.

Because espadrilles are a comfortable and versatile shoe that you can wear at any time. Enjoy a comfortable alternative to trainers and wear a look suitable for almost any situation. Espadrilles have become a must have that you can't ignore.

Espadrilles online

Haven't you decided to buy one yet? Now you can buy your espadrilles online easily and quickly. You only have to choose your favourites, add them to the cart and we will take care of the rest. We will send your men Pitusas home as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy them as soon as they arrive, with the possibility of receiving them wherever you are. We want you to enjoy our Pitusas around the world and show us every day how you enjoy a different style in your Pitusas.

At Pitusas we offer the highest quality in each pair of espadrilles, in pitusas we produce by hand each design, made in Spain, to ensure that every detail is taken care of.

Therefore, each new elaboration is unique and different, created for you. We make each pair of Pitusas with the maximum care and affection. In our manufacturing and care section you can find out everything you need to keep your espadrille in perfect condition for as long as possible. Because, although we sell espadrilles online, we are always close to you to offer you the close treatment you need.

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