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Pitusas emerged in 2017 when suddenly two people, at that time almost unknown, came together and complemented each other. I, Laura, who had just finished my degree, presented my final degree project about some espadrilles I called Pitusas.

My intention was to look for an espadrille design (my favourite shoe), comfortable, different, and made in Spain. Javi, a young entrepreneur recently arrived from Brazil, supports the project and launches into the adventure with me. He had everything I lacked: experience, contacts and most importantly, no fear.

After four summers, we have managed to make a sophisticated brand, with personal and original designs, but above all, we have achieved our main objective, to make comfortable and quality espadrilles.

We create spring/summer handmade collections in Spain by professionals who understand this ancient product and always use high quality materials.

Every year, we create a different collection for women who love espadrilles and who like to be dressed up but comfortable. Wearing Pitusas is a reflection of a life full of unpredictable moments. With any of our models you could go for a drink, to work, be the guest, or even the perfect bride.

We believe that our journey is the result of the illusion and the daily effort to achieve the perfect summer collection for our customers, year after year. Doing what we like and how we like, makes us different, but the merit is not ours, it is yours, you are the ones who is there waiting for each collection.

Thank you for wanting to share this dream with us.

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