Production and care



Pitusas, is a brand created based on the simplicity and elegance of each of its designs. The softness of their fabrics, as well as the uniqueness and quality of each piece, make them a unique footwear made 100% by hand in Spain.

The manufacturing process for each of our pitusas is the following:

- First, a cutting machine is used to cut the different pieces that make up the espadrille, using textile edge dies.

- With the cut pieces, the parts are assembled with glues or special adhesives and set in seams.

- Once we have the body of the espadrille assembled we will continue with the riveting of our identifying star, or different types of overlay, such as eyelets.

- Afterwards, they are sewn by hand with "jute thread".

- Finally, we will move on to the stamping of the brand on the inner heel pad. Applying heat to a magnesium seal so that our logo is embodied inside each pitusa.

- We would just need to go over the threads and pack each pitusa in covered cardboard boxes, with the silk-screened logo, to proceed with its corresponding delivery.

Finally, your pitusa will be ready to be sent to your home as soon as possible and in the best conditions, to be enjoyed in spring and summer.


From the brand we ask you to take care of your Pitusas with the same love with which we have previously treated them, each one of them is made with the highest quality standards.

The care we recommend are the following:

For suede or split leather do not hesitate to use a waterproof spray to prevent your Pitusas from staining. Also, if you want to keep their plush appearance, don't put any kind of cream on them! If your Pitusas suffer some kind of stain, use fairy, is always a good remedy, or do what your mum tell you…

For the care of your velvet Pitusas the first thing you should do is take a soft bristle brush and brush carefully, without pressing the shoe, with particular emphasis on the stains. Always brush in the direction of the velvet fabric. Then mix 1 tablespoon of detergent with 1 litre of warm water. The water cannot be hot because it would damage the velvet fabric. Shake the bottle thoroughly to create a lot of foam. When as much foam as possible has been produced, put some foam on the soft bristles of the brush (only the foam) and rub the stains very gently, in the direction of the velvet fabric, without pressure. Afterwards, with a clean rag, remove the remaining foam from the shoe and let it dry.

If the stain on your velvet espadrille has been produced by grease or some kind of food, you can try cleaning it with traditional alcohol to heal the wounds, a more aggressive one would damage the velvet fabric. Mix well and moisten with a soft sponge. It is very important that the sponge is not abrasive, so as not to damage the espadrille. Squeeze the sponge well so as not to wet the shoes excessively and rub the stains very gently, without pressing. Wash the sponge several times to clean it and leave the dirt in the water. Remove any remaining solution with a clean cloth and allow the velvet shoe to dry.

Watch out!, If you can clean the espadrille immediately after the stain, we recommend covering it with talcum powder, leaving it to act for a day or even two. Don't be in a hurry!


Take care of them! And…

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